Monday, 16 May 2011

A glimpse at super heroe movies...

Does anybody know what these movies "The Incredible Hulk" , "Iron Man" , "Iron Man 2"  and "Thor" do have in common? Besides the fact that they all are comic knock-off's ? What follows may serve as clues.

To start from the beginning let's look at The Incredible Hulk released in 2008, five years after previous Hulk movie. Ok - the plot is a bit different, it starts approximately where the the first movie ended, but ... the flashbacks from Banners past are not consistent. Hmmm... strange... Then at the end a character enters the plot and I get an idea which hangs in the air for a while.

Then there is Iron Man in which the same character reappears - still uncredited, still at the end of movie ( some even may miss it ), but in Iron Man 2 nobody can miss it.

So the question is who hasn't  got any clue yet? At least those that hav read some comics involving the characters named above should have an idea.
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So that character is Nick Fury - the boss of SHIELD. Appearance of Nick Fury in all those movies mentioned above lets anyone suspect that they even may appear in a single movie.  Anyone who has the habit of watching the movie trailers knows that a movie Captain America is underway  - yet another comic heroe in a movie. In a movie which is called "Captain America: The First Avenger" - so more and more Avengers will come alive in movies, which is great, unless ...

... and now the bitching part ... the movie people shape the main characters as they seem fit, taking only names from the comics. In Thor  Loki, the god of mischief, is almost the good guy - after Thor saw his lips shut, both in norse mythology and in comics as well. Anyone would turn bad after something like that. And in comics Thor shared a body with a mortal and Mjolnir was disguised a stick. And bridge from Asgard to other world is destroyed at the end on movie. By what means will Thor be involved with Earth now?

So let's hope all the Avenger theme won't end up fuck'ed beyond recognition, because as one can see there will some movies around Avengers

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Adroid Gingerbread on HTC Desire HD

Yes, I'm using a HTC Desire HD and today the new Android version came out specially for this phone ( well, no only this one, there was another HTC model mentioned ).  While being a little nervous I started the update process and after some 20 minutes it was done. Happily no data was lost during the update ( not hat I'm aware of ).

The first thing I noticed was some sound coming for the weather widget that's sitting on my home screen - okay, it can be switched off, which I did. Did't want to wake/startle someone just by unlocking the phone.

Next little thing - the apps button on the left has changed, which is nothing compared what happens when that button is pressed.  Now one can access whole bunch of apps, most frequently used apps or downloaded apps.Another thing someone would like is the feature that let's switch between list or grid view of apps.

Next thing that made me even more happy with this update is upgraded notifications area, which now has 2 tabs - notifications and quick settings. The later lets turn off/on mobile network, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, WiFi hotspot or all settings.

Another good thing is that now while on home screen the Menu button brings up personalisation menu thru which even adding new ringtones is possible ( from HTC Hub or from music folder).

Talking about personalisation - now there is an option of add a shortcut to a number of things which could be very frequently used, such as Dropbox folder, Settings, Bookmarks, Direct message or Inbox.

The lasts thing I'm listing here is linking of contacts - now you  can even add twitter account to contacts in your phonebook ( hmm ... simply calling someone is so not today ?! )

Now the bitching part - although there are API's for taking screenshots without rooting ( yes - I hate messing with things that are working fine ) the phone, there is no built-in app/way to do it. All I ( along with other users ) have to wait for someone to create an app for taking screenshots. So this bitching part should explain why there are no pictures in this post.

So long!

Ubuntu 11.04

Recently most popular linux distro named Ubuntu had a new release: 11.04 aka Natty Narwhal. This release is next step towards touch based systems. The default Gnome is getting replaced by Unity windows manager, which is great unless... ( here comes the bitching part ) your computer has a graphics card that is not so new ATI/AMD.

This blog.

This is my blog where I'll try to write in english and mostly about things that are pissing me off.  So that's why this blog is called 'Balodis bitching' .  About my self: I'm ~ 30 years old latvian, with 9 years experience in IT field, mostly in web programming; I'm trying to be a good dad to my daughter; I'm a member of a student fraternity called Selonija; there was a time I was into computer gaming ( actually I'm still a bit ). This is not all, but I'm having some trouble deciding what else should I disclose in this article - se feel free to ask.