Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

Recently most popular linux distro named Ubuntu had a new release: 11.04 aka Natty Narwhal. This release is next step towards touch based systems. The default Gnome is getting replaced by Unity windows manager, which is great unless... ( here comes the bitching part ) your computer has a graphics card that is not so new ATI/AMD.

The ATI/AMD guys are so retarded that anyone who has to choose between mowing a football field and getting a graphics card made by ATI/AMD to work properly on a newer linux to work, choses the first one. Because there is chance to get that job done. With ATI cards one can mess around for a day without any tangible results. I've had a laptop with a Nvidia graphics card - less then 5 minutes and Compiz is letting me do stuff and enjoy effects even MAC users feel a bit jealous.

Putting aside what's said about graphics cards, Ubuntu itself is a joy to try, install and use. About other things one, that's let's save a bit time while installing this linux, is that after you have accepted how the hard drive will be partitioned, partition creating, formating and package installing starts right way, in background. In next steps you personalize your computer by setting your username, computer name e.t.c. , but the installer is already working, thus reducing the time you'll have to sit and wait for the file copying to complete.

Another litle thing, that is for sole comfort of user, that one can tick a checkbox 'Download updates while installing'. After installing you have already updated system, probably even with some vulnerabilities fixed.

As one can see there is a checkbox called 'Install this third-party software' - which lets you install mp3/pdf/flash related stuff - without guessing with package to install for mp3 playback.

Bored by the install process - you can click thru the screens over and over again.
After some ~ 15 minutes the process was over ( ok - it was on a VirtualBox ).

The computer has some essential packages install
In the Ubuntu software center the packages are neatly categorized and few clicks way from installing.
Setting up my favorite keyboard layout is easy enough.

In this post I was not even trying to list all the features the new Ubuntu has - this is my experience with this distro, till I got pissed about the whole graphics card thing. So take it leave it!

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